The 'Process Management in the NHS' Community of Practice (CoP)

This CoP is for people who are interested in seeing the NHS adopt a Process Management System (PMS) and adopt good process management as a key method for managing their processes. Currently processes in the NHS are not clearly identified or managed. In order for the NHS to implement its current Long Term Plan we consider this to be a necessary step.

This CoP, though its membership, has a number of aims. The key aim is to persuade the NHS that a 'Process Management System' is necessary. The benefits, to the NHS, of adopting process management will not be discussed here but will be defined by our membership via one of our CoP Forums.

The journey towards designing and implementing a PMS in the NHS is going to be long and arduous for those involved. The creation of this CoP is the first step of many but the journey to a great NHS PMS can be enjoyable and rewarding for those involved. The process used to achieve our aims will, hopefully, evolve through activity in this CoP. Initially we have to define the documents that we decide are necessary to design and promulgate exactly what 'Process Management in the NHS' looks like. This will be the subject one of our first Forums.

The following two diagrams illustrates how it is envisaged that this CoP will work: Physical structure of the CoP Link to first diagram. Modus operandi of the CoP Forums Link to second diagram. Comments on these diagrams are welcome. The following third diagram illustrates suggested steps required to establish a PMS in an organisation: Link to third diagram. Comments on this diagram are welcome. Our journey has started today the, 31st July 2019, please travel along with us!

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